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Tony McNally - Discography:

‘Songs From the Airless Room’ - The new  album composed and recorded by Tony. Available July 2017.

‘Hollow’ - The Trevor Sewell Band  2015 Tony plays fiddle on this award winning blues artist’s  album.

‘How can I shoot ya, when ya won’t gimme back ma gun?’ - Big Red & the Grinners 2014 Tony recorded, produced, and performed on the band’s first commercially released EP, CD for Jarrovian Records.

As Irish As a Parmo - The Wildcats of Killkenny.  2012 Tony records and produces the first commercially released album for this popular Stockton based band.

Save (A.McNally) - 2004  Tony McNally’s first album of songs.  The album also features many guest musicians  John Headly on guitar (Sting), and Deon Krishnan on bass (Deon Warwick).  

Angels of The North - Compilation RGF records  2002 Three of Tony’s songs are featured on the album. His song ‘My Angel of the North’  was written as the title track!

The River Live (A.McNally) - Tony McNally.  This limited edition EP was recorded at the Library Theatre, South Shields in 2001 with Mike McGrother plus a string quartet.

The River (A.McNally) - Tony McNally. Commercially released in 2000, the score was originally commissioned to coincide with the Cutty Sark ‘Tall Ships Race’ Newcastle.  Tony has performed this album ‘live’ many times with fiddle player ‘Mike McGrother’.  Music from the album  has been used for various TV programmes and even firework displays.

Bloody Well Live - The Whisky Priests This album was recorded in 1993 on New Year’s Day at the Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany. Tony joined the band after being highly recommended.  A baptism of fire, he learned a 2.5 hour set in the van on the way to their first gig together in London.  Tony also played a big part in the mixing and production of the album itself.

Pictures of a Town (A.McNally) - Tony McNally’s first solo album recorded in Newcastle Art Centre and released in 1992.  This was originally released on cassette tape and Tony plays all of the instruments on the album.  The recording engineer for the session was the bass player from ‘The Toxic Kangeroo Babies’ Willard Scott Jr.  Tony promoted this first offering by touring Art Centres and Colleges in the North East of England.

Nobody’s Child (Cy Coben/Mel Foree) - Mike Mason and the Little People 7” vinyl EP recorded at Guardian studios and released in 1976. This rare piece of vinyl featured Tony on  lead vocals on the single, as well as playing kit on the entire record. The B side offered two original rock songs ‘The Vagrant’ and ‘Someone’, both composed by Tony’s dad Mike McNally. Tony’s elder brother Michael doubled on piano and bass guitar, as well as sharing the ‘blood harmonies’. This record was released following a win on TV’s ‘Opportunity Knocks’.